Wedding Venue

Have you ever thought of having your actual wedding under the twinkling lights at Red Tavern? It is probably a lot more reasonable than you can imagine. Why pay for a venue and then search for a catering company, linen service and all the other details that come with planning a wedding? At Red Tavern, it is practically one stop. Our setting is beautiful and ideal for that special day, but if you would like to add any personal touches, we would undoubtedly accommodate most requests. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with many local musicians and will work with you to coordinate their hiring. Red Tavern offers one of the most stunning patios in Chico. We provide an upscale experience with delicious New American Cuisine. We offer amazing wines and some of Chico’s best cocktails. Our talented chef will not only prepare dishes currently on our menu, but he will also work with you to create that special menu you desire. In 2017 we hosted many weddings including one which was featured in the nationally recognized Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. If you are interested in finding out more information about our restaurant and wedding options, please feel free to email us at